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Alternatively, leave them with grandparents, friends, or sitters while you take serious and extended private time. Genital anatomy probably xes which postures work best for a given couple, but no more than that. Intercourse from behind see rear entry is a pleasure in itself, but be careful if she has a weak back. Apart from postpartum stitching, surgery to tighten the vagina is usually a re ection of lack of con dence on her part or inappropriate demands on his. The facts are that few of us go through life with sexual experience con ned to one partner only, in delity gures increase year after year, and many people run multiple relationships on parallel tracks. In fact, being stuck rigidly with one sex technique usually means anxiety. Sex and outdoor bathing is a di erent matter, but check local customs and laws.
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The New Joy of Gay Sex

Coital play, like dreaming, may be a programmed way of dealing acceptably with these, just as children express their fears and aggressions in games. The worst you can get, given sensible safety precautions, is sore, anxious, or disappointed. Fluctuating hormones before her period can turn sensitivity into discomfort, and if there is itching, swelling, bleeding, or discharge, get it checked out. Some nowadays prefer it o in the interest of fashion or total nudity, or prefer the hardness of the bare pubis. Back to the main route. He may need to shave the penile shaft and root to use condoms — otherwise the hairs can get caught. If he is uncircumcised and she prefers the other, he can retract it — if vice versa, simply nd other amusements.
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Navigating The Finite: Book Review, The Joy of Sex, by Alex Comfort

As to the size of other structures, such as breasts, these may be individual turn-ons, but every build has its sexual opportunities built in: They feel embarrassed to discuss it. Some people tend to bite more than others; remember that often your partner will do to you what they really want done to them — being aware of this is the great secret of communicating sex. As to full-hand penetration, most women pass, while others like several ngers, not only for the feeling of fullness but also the deep intimacy it involves. That is really all there is to be said on the matter. This book will likely attract four sorts of readers. Where unanxious books dealing as accurately as possible with the range of sexual behaviors are most valuable is in encouraging the sexually active reader — who both wants to enjoy sex and to be responsible about it — and in aiding the helping professions to avoid causing problems to their clients.
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He should always be sure to let her stay in control of the pace and depth of the kiss. A peak or a valley, on the other hand, can impact. The Kama Sutra recommends spicy foods; Casanova relied on oysters; Aztec king Montezuma claimed it was the fty cups of hot chocolate he drank a day that kept him capable of serving his harem. Non-erect size in the male is equally unimportant — some men before erection show no penile shaft at all, but extend to full size easily. All these methods are reversible given time; the question is whether she wants to ingest hormones — which do guard against some diseases, even if they may make others more likely.
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